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In order to provide our patients with the best care possible, cosmetic dentist John Cross, DDS stays up-to-date with the newest developments in the dental field. Technology is constantly changing and improving, and we consider it our duty to continue our dental education, study the latest tools and techniques, and apply them to our practice. OC Lifesmiles offers the following technology:

CEREC® Restorations

cerec-machineAn exciting dental technology, CEREC® allows our dentist the opportunity to fit, craft, and place single-tooth restorations in just one visit. CEREC® technology eliminates the need for multiple appointments, temporary restorations, or waiting weeks while the restoration is crafted and sent to our office. We use CEREC® in cosmetic and restorative dentistry cases involving veneers, crowns, inlays, or onlays. CEREC® can be used in smile makeover cases too! The restorations are crafted from beautiful, tooth-colored porcelain materials.

Laser Dentistry

We use lasers for general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, as well as diagnostic tests. Replacing scalpels and traditional surgical tools, lasers are precise and noninvasive instruments that cause less bleeding and swelling, and shorten recovery periods. Lasers can kill bacteria, shape the gums, and eliminate excess tissue.

Digital / Panoramic X-Rays

Digital-Panoramic-Dental-X-RayDigital X-rays are another valuable component to our comprehensive preventive dentistry program at OC Lifesmiles. At our Newport Beach practice, Orange County patients find digital X-rays to be more convenient, faster, and safer than traditional film X-rays (because of less radiation exposure). Our doctors also like the digital options because they can instantly review the results with patients.

Computer Imaging

We use computer imaging to show a patient how they might look if they elect to undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure to give them a better idea of how the results would complement their appearance.

Electric Hand Pieces

If you are used to the noisy shrills of a traditional dentist’s drill, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that we use electric hand pieces. These tools operate quietly and smoothly, and are easier to control and sterilize – yet another perk of visiting our office!


The ShadeVision system allows us to use a computerized hand piece to gauge the shade of your natural teeth, so we can flawlessly coordinate your new dental restoration.

Dr. Cross has done such a fabulous job in the 8+ years I’ve been his patient, it leaves him with very little work to do on me these past few years. I appreciate how he embraces and has mastered cutting-edge technology. It’s also comforting that he remembers minor details about the condition of my teeth without even having to refer to my chart. The girls at the front desk have an equally impressive memory and are so sweet and friendly.

~ Happy Patient

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